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How did the Native Americans of the Southwest adapt to their environment by using available materials to build their home?
a) made homes of clay
b) made tipis for their homes
c) made wigwams
d) built homes on wooden platforms

The Pomo Indians used clamshells as
a) jewelry
b) beads
c) money
d) all of the answers

In the Plateau region there wasn't much rain. Where did the Native Americans get water for their use?
a) Columbia River
b) Fraser River
c) snow that melted and flowed into the rivers
d) all of the answers

How did the Sioux Indians use the buffalo for survival?
a) shelter
b) food
c) clothing
d) all of these answers

What resource was plentiful in the Eastern Woodlands?
a) clay
b) seashells
c) trees
d) buffalo

In the Southeast there was tall and sharp grass. How did the Native Americans adjust to this?
a) wore leggings
b) built adobe homes
c) wove grass into hats
d) wove bark into coats and hats

Which group of Native Americans made totem poles out of trees?
a) Southwest
b) Northwest Coast
c) Plains
d) Eastern Woodlands

How did the League of Iroquois agree to get along together?
a) fight wars amongst themselves to see who was the most powerful
b) join together to fight against their enemies
c) not fight amongst themselves
d) none of the answers

The Indians of the Eastern Woodlands made
a) canoes covered with bark
b) totem poles
c) tepees
d) homes made of stone and adobe called pueblos

Why did the American Indians of the Southeast build their homes on wooden platforms with no walls?
a) protect houses from swampy ground
b) breezes could blow through the house
c) hot climate
d) all of the answers

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