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The ability to produce heat or do work
a) potential
b) heat
c) energy
d) enthalpy

Energy stored because of its composition
a) kinetic
b) combustion
c) enthalpy
d) potential

State change from solid to liquid
a) fusion
b) condensation
c) vaporization
d) boiling

State change from liquid to gas
a) combustion
b) condensation
c) fusion
d) vaporization

Heat of enthalpy is a positive number
a) reaction is endothermic
b) reaction is exothermic
c) reaction is potential
d) reaction is kinetic

System plus the surroundings
a) universe
b) heat
c) energy
d) enthalpy

The SI unit for energy
a) calorie
b) enthalpy
c) joule
d) calorimeter

If the enthalpy change for 1 mole of water is 6.01, what is the change for 2 moles of water?
a) 3.005
b) 6.01
c) 12.02
d) 60.1

If the enthalpy change for 1 mole of water is 6.01, what is the change for 3 moles of water?
a) 18.03
b) 18.02
c) 18.04
d) 18.00

The heat required to melt one mole of a solid substance
a) enthalpy of combustion
b) enthalpy of fusion
c) enthalpy of vaporization
d) enthalpy of sublimation

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