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Why did Hsiang-ling's servant begin to cry?
a) He lost his house and family during the flood.
b) He was not able to please Hsiang-ling.
c) He was not use to working for Hsiang-ling.
d) He was afraid she was going to fire him.

Which happened first?
a) Hsiang-ling became a benefactor.
b) Hsiang-ling found the Ch'i-lin Purse.
c) Mrs. Hsueh prepared a dowry for her daughter.
d) Mrs. Lu built the Pearl Hall.

Mrs. Hsueh states,
a) The gifts will give Hsiang-ling a way to contact her mother.
b) The gifts will remind Hsiang-ling of her mother.
c) Mrs. Hsueh will have a painting of herself made for her daughter.
d) Mrs. Hsueh will come visit when her daughter opens the purse.

Why did Hsiang-ling give the Ch'i-lin Purse to a stranger?
a) She wanted to make a sad woman feel better.
b) She did not like the way the purse looked.
c) She did not want to give birth to a son.
d) She thought doing so would bring her good luck.

What happened after Hsiang-ling gave her porridge away?
a) She married a handsome man.
b) She sent the Ch'i-lin Purse back
c) She accepted a job as a governess.
d) She gave birth to a healthy boy.

What is the story's theme?
a) Don't settle for second best.
b) People who work hard will feel satisfied.
c) Those who are generous will be rewarded.
d) Sometimes it is wise to start a new life.

How did Hsiang-ling change from the beginning of the story to the end?
a) At first she was proud; then she became humble.
b) At first she was patient; then she became angry.
c) At first she was reasonable; then she became revengeful.
d) At first she was confident; then she became bashful.

How were Hsiang-ling and the boy she took care of alike?
a) They both liked to go to the Pearl Hall.
b) They were both spoiled.
c) They both had been saved from the flood.
d) They both were given property.

Why did Mrs. Lu keep changing the seating arrangement when she was talking to Hsiang-ling?
a) She was feeling uncomfortable.
b) She was testing her new servant.
c) She was trying to amuse her son.
d) She was gaining respect for her servant.

The author most likely wrote this selection to
a) inform readers of Chinese traditions.
b) tell readers a story with a message of kindness.
c) persuade readers to give away their possessions.
d) make readers feel ashamed of selfish behavior.

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