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The preserved remains or physical evidence of an organism that lived in the past are called —
a) variations
b) mutations
c) fossils
d) evolutionary features

What most likely caused the finches on the Galapagos Islands to have beaks that were different from the finches living on the South American mainland?
a) there were different types of predators living on the island
b) the finches on the islands had to drink salt water
c) the finches on the mainland built different types of nests
d) there were different types of food available on the island

A species of organism has survived in a mild enviornment for thousands of years. Suddenly, the climate becomes much colder. Which of the following traits might help the species to survive?
a) thick fur
b) small size
c) short neck
d) all of the above

In 1835, Darwin studied variations in plants and animals on the Galapagos Islands. The islands are located off the coast of what major continent?
a) North America
b) South America
c) Central America
d) Antarctica

In what book did Darwin publish his main theories on evolutionary selection?
a) Descent of Man
b) On Proper Selection
c) The DaVinci Code
d) Origin of Species

In the phrase survival of the fittest, the term fittest refers to:
a) The best adapted organisms
b) the biggest organisms
c) the smartest organisms
d) the fastest organisms

A characteristic that helps an organism survive and reproduce in its environment is called —
a) a genetic mutation
b) an adaptation
c) a response to a stimulus
d) a homologous structure

Which of the following is NOT a principle that Darwin identified to affect Natural Selection?
a) Overproduction
b) Adaptation
c) Variation
d) Replication

What is most likely to happen to a species that is not suited to its environment?
a) it will survive and produce many offspring
b) It will get bored and leave
c) It will not survive to reproduce
d) It will change all of its previous behaviors

Most evidence of evolution comes from...
a) bones
b) fossils
c) rocks
d) water

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