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What does the word sacred mean?
a) Worthless
b) Impressive
c) Damaged
d) Holy

What does the word behavior mean?
a) Way of acting
b) Way of dressing
c) Nickname
d) Pronunciation

What does astonished mean?
a) dismissed
b) surprised
c) worried
d) satisfied

What is a procession?
a) audience cheering
b) workers planting crops
c) group moving together
d) people playing a game

What does distribution mean?
a) giving out
b) display
c) tearing up
d) inspection

What is gratitude?
a) weariness
b) responsibility
c) thankfulness
d) inspiration

What does recommend mean?
a) graciously offer
b) deserve
c) appreciate
d) heartily suggest

What is a benefactor?
a) a person who is a clown
b) a person who helps out another person
c) a person who rides a horse
d) a person who buys a house

What word is a synonym for gratitude?
a) inspiration
b) responsibility
c) weariness
d) thankfulness

What is a synonym for sacred?
a) damaged
b) impressive
c) holy
d) worthless

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