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What was the name used for the Allied strategy in the Pacific?
a) island jumping
b) island hopping
c) appeasement
d) rationing

This US president of the United States made the decision near the end of WWII to drop atomic bombs on Japan
a) FDR
b) Joseph Stalin
c) Winston Churchill
d) Harry Truman

The Japanese surrendered to the Allies after
a) atomic bombs were dropped on Iwo Jima
b) atomic bombs were dropped on Tokyo
c) atomic bombs were dropped on Pearl Harbor
d) atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

How did the use of atomic bombs impact the outcome of WWII?
a) Germany was forced to surrender
b) Italy was forced to surrender
c) the Soviet Union was forced to surrender
d) Japan was forced to surrender

What event led to the US joining WWII?
a) Germany invaded Poland
b) Japan bombed Pearl Harbor
c) Germany sent Mexico a secret telegram
d) Germany bombed Pearl Harbor

Why was the 'island hopping' strategy crucial for the United States in the Pacific?
a) So that the US could gain military bases and secure many small islands in the pacific
b) to prevent Germany from taking control over the Japanese mainland
c) to prevent Japan from using air forces to attack allied countries
d) so that the US could take over the Axis powers, specifically China

What was one reason that the U.S. helped rebuild Japan after the war
a) The United States wanted to get all of Japan's resources
b) U.S. investors were anxious to put their money into foreign interests
c) the United States did not want Japan to drop atomic bombs on the United States
d) The United States wanted to create a strong democracy in the region to resist communist China

The constitution of Japan forbids
a) rebuilding their military
b) enacting tariffs or other trade obstacles
c) importing foreign seafood
d) having an army of more than 100,000 soldiers

Today , Japan's government is ____________________than China's.
a) more democratic
b) less democratic
c) more authoritarian
d) less stable

What country occupied Japan after Word War II?
a) China
b) Russia
c) United States
d) Great Britain

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