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What is a tall tale?
a) A funny, exaggerated story about how something came to be.
b) A story about a real person.
c) A story that is usually told by word of mouth.
d) A non-fiction story.

Folktales are usually _____.
a) About a real person
b) Never spoken.
c) about a real event.
d) passed on by word of mouth.

Johnny Appleseed is an example of a ____.
a) Fairy tale
b) Folktale.
c) Legend.
d) Tall Tale.

The story about Anansi the spider explains ______.
a) Why spiders stay in corners
b) make webs.
c) lay eggs.
d) have 8 legs.

The Native American folktale was about ____.
a) why a rabbit has a long ears.
b) why a rabbit has a short tail.
c) why turtles have shells.
d) why a rabbit hops.

The characters in legends are usually _____.
a) Heroes
b) objects
c) Animals
d) Villians

Pecos Bill was an example of a _____.
a) Legend
b) poem
c) Fairy Tale
d) Tall tale

Folktales are important because they ____.
a) are not spoken
b) are about real people.
c) are not fiction
d) tell us about cultures of others

Johnny Appleseed's real name was ____.
a) John F. Kennedy
b) John Chapman
c) Joseph Chapman
d) John Henry

How are legends different from folktales?
a) They are always about real events and folktales aren't
b) They are always told by word of mouth and folktales aren't.
c) Legends aren't funny but folktales are.
d) Legends are about real people and folktales are not.

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