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Density has to do with what?
a) How closely the atoms are packed
b) What color the mineral is
c) The weight of the mineral
d) The shine of the mineral

The mineral calcite produces a unique property of ________.
a) reflection
b) double refraction
c) triple revolution
d) triple axel

Streak is dependent of what?
a) The color of the powder left on the plate
b) The color left on my fingers after touching it
c) The color on the plate itself
d) The way it cuts the plate

The mineral galena cleavs in____ directions.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

When studying properties we use all of our 5 senses?
a) Yes, of course
b) That depends
c) We use all but taste
d) We only use 3

Is it true a mineral can be many different colors?
a) yes
b) no
c) maybe so
d) I have no idea

Which mineral is the softest?
a) talc
b) gypsum
c) diamond
d) apatite

I have a hardness of 4, can be many different colors and may glow under certain conditions. What am i?
a) mica
b) quartz
c) calcite
d) fluorite

Cleavage is a way a mineral _____, while crystal shape is a way a mineral _____.
a) grows;breaks
b) breaks;breaks
c) breaks;grows
d) shines;smells

What mineral reacts with HCl to form CO2 gas?
a) calcite
b) quartz
c) mica
d) feldspar

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