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Some plants do not grow naturally in an area. How can these plants endanger the plants that do grow naturally there?
a) They attract birds to the area, which eat the native plants.
b) They crowd out the native plants.
c) They spread very slowly, continually using up the water in the area.
d) Their roots spread widely, preventing other plants from growing.

Why are the effects of a beaver's dam good for some animals but not good for others?
a) Some animals need water and others do not.
b) Some animals need fast-moving water and others do best in or near quiet ponds.
c) Some animals prey on beavers and others do not.
d) Some animals have adapted better than others to heavy rains.

Which statement about carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere refers to global warming?
a) More organisms would live on Earth if there were no carbon dioxide in the air.
b) If there were no carbon dioxide in the air, plants would be able to carry out more photosynthesis.
c) Temperatures near Earth'ssurface have increased as carbon dioxide levels in the air have increased.
d) Increased carbon dioxide levels do not affect organisms that live in the ocean.

How can the removal of trees lead to an increased amount of soil washed into the oceans?
a) After trees are cut down, their stumps decay, creating more soil that is carried away.
b) Corals die, causing more soil to build up in the oceans.
c) The increase in carbon dioxide in the air causes acid to form and break up the soil.
d) Soil is no longer held in place by the trees' roots.

What is the main effect of the removal of trees on animals that live in a forest?
a) They migrate to other forests.
b) They eat farmers' crops.
c) They can no longer get enough oxygen.
d) Their habitats are destroyed.

Which is a major cause of air pollution?
a) the burning of coal, oil, and natural gas
b) more light from the Sun
c) increased rain
d) the building of houses

Which is a characteristic of a tropical rainforest?
a) dry and sandy
b) fast and slow moving water
c) a large variety of species of animals and plants
d) cold, dry, and frozen

All of the following are vertebrates except
a) birds
b) insects
c) mammals
d) amphibians

Which ecosystem is changed when a beaver builds a dam?
a) swamp
b) rivers and streams
c) tropical rainforest
d) tundra

All of the following are characteristics of a tundra except
a) abundance of rain
b) dry and frozen
c) polar bears
d) moss and lichens

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