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The most abundant (biggest amount) gas in the atmosphere is?
a) oxygen
b) nitrogen
c) argon
d) carbon dioxide

Which layer of our atmosphere contains all our weather?
a) stratosphere
b) mesosphere
c) exosphere
d) troposphere

In the troposphere, as altitude increases, air pressure?
a) increases
b) stays the same
c) decreases
d) multiplies

Which 2 gases are essential for life to exist on the earth?
a) oxygen and carbon dioxide
b) oxygen and nitrogen
c) nitrogen and carbon dioxide
d) helium and hydrogen

High air pressure is usually associated with
a) sunny, clear weather
b) stormy weather
c) the mountains
d) hurricanes

The ozone layer is found in which layer of the atmosphere?
a) troposphere
b) stratosphere
c) mesosphere
d) thermosphere

The ozone layer is important because
a) it prevents global warming
b) it keeps the earth cool
c) It blocks out most of the ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun
d) it allows plants to make their own food

Examples of trace gases are:
a) oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide
b) hydrogen, helium, oxygen
c) nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide
d) argon, hydrogen, neon

The layer of the atmosphere that is almost a perfect vacuum (almost nothing there)
a) exosphere
b) mesosphere
c) troposphere
d) thermosphere

The characteristic that determines that you have left one layer and are entering another is
a) amount of sunlight that escapes
b) what type particles are in the layer
c) the temperature heads in another direction
d) the color

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