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Slavery was banned in the US
a) 13th Amendment
b) 14th Amendment
c) 15th Amendment
d) 21st Amendment

A group of people that would best describe who made up the Radical Republicans in Congress would be
a) Factory Workers
b) Abolitionist
c) Former Confederate Soldiers
d) Former Slaves

The 10% part of Lincoln's Reconstruction plan said, in order for a state to be readmitted:
a) 10% of the state's slaves needed to be freed
b) 10% of the state's plantation owners needed to give their land to the freedmen
c) 10% of voters needed to swear allegiance to the US
d) 10% of the state's slaves needed to be able to read and write

Lincoln's plan never went into effect because
a) Radical Republicans voted it down
b) The South fought against it
c) Johnson proposed a better plan
d) He was assassinated

Which of the following is NOT an example of segregation?
a) Jim Crow Laws
b) The Freedmen's Bureau
c) The Black Codes
d) Separate drinking fountains

A former slave is
a) a scalawag
b) a freedman
c) a sharecropper
d) a carpetbagger

The term for a Notherner who went south
a) Abolitionist
b) Scalawag
c) Carpetbagger
d) Freedman

When two groups of people are kept separate
a) Literacy Tests
b) Segregation
c) Poll Tax
d) Grandfather Clause

The term for white southern Republican
a) Scalawag
b) Sharecropper
c) Carpetbagger
d) Freedman

Person who rented and farmed land
a) Liberal
b) Democrat
c) Republican
d) Sharecropper

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