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French Revolution.[print questions]

Which estate was nobility
a) First Estate
b) Fourth Estate
c) Third Estate
d) Second Estate

The Bastille was a
a) palace for the king
b) Food Storage Facility
c) Office
d) Prison

What is the Capital of France
a) London
b) Paris
c) Berlin
d) Lisbon

Which estate was clergy?
a) First Estate
b) Second Estate
c) Third Estate
d) Fourth Estate

Which estate had the least power
a) First Estate
b) Second Estate
c) Third Estate
d) King

Who made up the First Estate
a) Everyone Else
b) Nobility
c) Clergy
d) King

This left France broke
a) American Revolution
b) Seven Years War
c) No taxation on nobility
d) All Answers are correct

This king was the King during the French Revolution
a) Louis XVI
b) Louis XIV
c) Napoleon
d) Marie Antionette

This was a pledge taken by the third estate to keep meeting until it formed a government
a) Tennis Court Oath
b) Declaration of Rights
c) The Reign of Terror
d) Storming of the Bastille

The first event of the French Revolution is
a) The Declaration of Rights of Man and of the Citizen
b) The Tennis Court Oath
c) The Reign of Terror
d) The Storming of the Bastille

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