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While Hernando de Soto was looking for the seven cities of gold, he discovered the _________.
a) Nile River
b) Pearl River
c) Mississippi River
d) Jordan River

Who was the German priest (Catholic) who opposed the Catholic Church and began the Protestant Reformation?
a) Henry Hudson
b) John Cabot
c) Martin Luther
d) Juan Ponce de Leon

What two religious beliefs did Europeans bring when they settled in the Americas?
a) Protestantism and Catholicism
b) Protestantism and Buddhism
c) Catholicism and Buddhism
d) Buddhism and Hinduism

Mercantilism is the belief that a nation’s power was based on wealth (gold, silver, land)
a) True
b) False

__________ was a more direct water route through the Americas to Asia.
a) Columbian Exchange
b) Northwest Passage
c) Columbian Passage
d) Northwest Exchange

He sailed for the Dutch and England; founded Hudson Bay.
a) Martin Luther
b) Henry Hudson
c) John Cabot
d) Juan Ponce de Leon

The French wanted to come to North America for _______ and ________.
a) fishing and hunting
b) fishing and fur trading
c) fur trading and farming
d) fishing and farming

Which colony disappeared?
a) Jamestown
b) Roanoke
c) Virginia
d) Georgia

Colonists named this colony after their king.
a) Jamestown
b) Roanoke
c) Virginia
d) Georgia

The Jamestown settlers saved their colony by planting ______.
a) maize
b) wheat
c) tobacco
d) rice

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