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A crate needs to be constructed to securely ship a vehicle. The project budget is $1500 and the crate must be constructed in 3 days using wood. Which of the following is not a constraint of the project?
a) The budget
b) The build time
c) The stability of crate
d) The material being used to construct the crate

Engineers evaluate design using conceptual, physical, and mathematical models in compliance with design _________ and _________.
a) Criteria, Usability
b) Usability, Effectiveness
c) Constraints, Effectiveness
d) Criteria, Constraints

The original reason technological development occurred was a result of
a) Trial and Error
b) Resources
c) Necessity
d) Want

Thing-A-Ma-Jig Toy Company is making a new doo dad. Which of the following is NOT part of deciding what materials to use?
a) cost
b) Availability
c) Packaging
d) Waste

When existing technologies in one field lead to innovations in another field, the process is known as ___________ ____________.
a) Innovated Technology
b) Field Sharing
c) Trade Off
d) Technology Transfer

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of following the design process?
a) Easier to develop and maintain a schedule
b) Gives designers the ability to change the criteria and constraints
c) Provides a structured method to develop a product
d) Identifies criteria and constraints earlier in process

You discovered your lost music playing device in a clean pair of pants that has just went through the washer and dryer. Now as soon as you turn it on it plays random songs without pressing any buttons. What part of the system is being affected?
a) Process
b) Input
c) Output
d) Feedback

After finding a possible solution for an automatic dog food dispenser a ____________ is necessary to build a prototype.
a) set of directions
b) Model
c) Drawing
d) Brief Description

John and Alice have completed the design of a new hammer meeting the requirements presented to them. What is the next step in the design process they should perform?
a) Identify criteria
b) Choose best solution
c) Communicate the design
d) Research

A rare model of a windmill was built, depicting a mechanism that forces the windmills main wheel out of harm's way to avoid damage. This is an example of ingenuity used to_____________.
a) Fulfill a need
b) Solve a problem
c) Solve a need
d) Fulfill a problem

All of the following are examples of innovative technologies implemented into intelligent transportation systems EXCEPT:
a) Flip down LCD screen for DVD playback
b) Turn by turn GPS device
c) Radar sensors for cruise control
d) On-board weather updates

Blueprints and plans are used in the construction industry to:
a) Estimate construction cost
b) Convey design requirements
c) Change plans
d) Modify building codes

New technology has increased the accuracy of clocks over time. Clock accuracy has been greatly improved through advancements in Technological_______________
a) artifacts
b) processes
c) knowledge
d) capabilities

While developing your design it is important to document the process by creating detailed drawings. By creating a drawing as a three-dimensional representation, it allows the developer to understand size and shape of the vehicle. Which communicative
a) Journaling
b) Building a Model
c) Sketching on paper
d) Using CADD

Engineering innovation is a result of:
a) Specific Research
b) Trial and Error
c) Natural resources
d) Random Research

In an automated system the MOST important component that monitors the success or failure of the systems is referred to as ____________.
a) Input
b) Feedback
c) Processes
d) Output

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