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Westward Expansion, James K. Polk, Manifest Destiny.[print questions]

What is an impact that mining had on the environment?
a) rivers became filled with gold
b) rivers became filled with sediments
c) rivers dried up
d) grass became very green

Why did people like the Transcontinental Railroad?
a) it helped support settlement in the West
b) it was a slower way of transportation
c) a hurricane destroyed many ships
d) the buffalo weren't in the way

Texas and California have what in common?
a) They both were part of France
b) The government was full of Protestants
c) British goods were loved
d) They used to be owned by Mexico

After the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which land acquisition was still foreign territory?
a) Gadsden Purchase
b) Louisiana Purchase
c) Florida
d) Texas

What is going to upset Mexico and lead to the U.S.-Mexican War?
a) purchase of Gadsden
b) Louisiana Purchase
c) Oregon Treaty
d) Annexation of Texas

The U.S. negOtiated with Great Britain for which land acquisition?
a) Louisiana Purchase
b) Northwest Territory
c) Oregon Territory
d) Spanish Florida

Which land acquisition did the U.S. get from Spain in 1819?
a) Florida
b) Louisiana
c) Oregon
d) Gadsden Purchase

What goal was complete after the Oregon Treaty?
a) Spain will surrender California
b) France needs to give up all its land in North America
c) The war with Mexico was complete
d) westward expansion to the Pacific Ocean

Which treaty created peace among the U.S. and Mexico?
a) Treaty of the Natives
b) Treaty of Paris
c) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
d) Mexico and America Treaty

Which statement would be said by an advocate of Manifest Destiny?
a) It is awful what is happening to the Natives.
b) I believe we should occupy all of North America.
c) The land here is fine, there is no need to move.
d) I believe slavery should not spread.

California and Florida were once owned by which country?
a) Spain
b) France
c) Ireland
d) China

Which political party wanted to make Manifest Destiny an official government policy?
a) Democrats
b) Republicans
c) Federalists
d) Anti-Federalists

Why were settlers PULLED out West during the time of Manifest Destiny?
a) potato famine
b) economic depression
c) inexpensive land
d) oil

Why were settlers PUSHED out West during the time of Manifest Destiny?
a) inexpensive land
b) gold
c) foreign trade
d) economic depression

What is the Northwest Ordinance?
a) an invisible line at the App. Mts
b) the King's counsel
c) a process to add states into the Union
d) farmers were rebelling in Massachusettes

Why were the Chinese pulled to America?
a) natural resource - gold
b) natural resource - oil
c) potato famine
d) Manifest Destiny

How did white settlers drastically change the frontier?
a) building plantations
b) brought technology to the West
c) built many factories
d) shooting the buffalo along rail lines

What is the economy of the western region?
a) plantation system
b) fishing and shipbuilding
c) mining and agriculture
d) free trade

Which group came to seek gold in California?
a) Chinese
b) Irish
c) Germans
d) French

How did most of the Mormons deal with religious persecution?
a) fight a Mormon war for 7 years
b) sued in court
c) moved to Oklahoma
d) agreed to head West to Utah

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