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Momentum.[print questions]

A hotwheel car collides with an identical car that is stationary in an elastic head-on collision. After the collision, which of the following is true of the first car?
a) it maintains its velocity
b) it moves in the opposite direction
c) it comes to a rest
d) it doubles its velocity

Two balls made of metal collide and move away from each other with the same speed. Identify the type of collision.
a) elastic
b) a teensy bit elastic
c) a smidgen inelastic
d) inelastic

In a collision between two objects,
a) momentum is always conserved
b) kinetic energy is always conserved
c) neither momentum or kinetic energy is conserved
d) both momentum and kinetic energy is conserved in all types of collisions

Two objects stick together and move away with a single velocity after colliding. Identify the type of collision.
a) elastic
b) kinda elastic
c) a bit inelastic
d) inelastic

Conservation of momentum states that momentum is conserved in a system as long as there are no outside______________affecting the system.
a) forces
b) velocities
c) acceleration
d) energy

an elephant runs and collides with a tree and stops. the momentum of the elephant
a) increases
b) decreases
c) stays the same
d) is conserved

A 0.500kg football is thrown with a velocity of 15.0m/s to the right. A stationary receiver catches the ball and brings it to a rest in 0.0200s. What is the force exerted on the ball by the receiver?
a) 375N to the left
b) 56.3N to the left
c) 7.50N to the left
d) 0.150N to the left

the product of the force applied to the object and the time interval is also known as
a) inertia
b) newton's 2nd law
c) impulse
d) conservation of energy

Find the momentum of a lion with a mass of 91kg moving at a velocity of 6.7m/s
a) 610kg*m/s
b) 13.6kg*m/s
c) 14kg*m/s
d) 0.074kg*m/s

a roller coaster goes down a hill at 25m/s then up the hill at 6m/s. the momentum of the roller coaster
a) is greater up the hill
b) is greater down the hill
c) is zero at all points in the ride
d) never changes

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