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Which of the following is done to limit the effects of acid rain?
a) All businesses and factories that pollute must be shut down immediately
b) Citizens are encouraged by the government to car pool
c) CO2 from factories is trapped and released over the ocean where the acid rain would have no
d) All of these are correct

Where in Canada can you find arctic and sub-arctic temperatures?
a) Northern Canada
b) Southern Canada
c) Eastern Canada
d) Western Canada

A shared border and shared transportation corridors makes trade easier between Canada and America
a) True
b) False

Which statement most accurately describes Canada’s population?
a) Mexico has a smaller population than Canada
b) America has a smaller population than Canada
c) Canada has a large population compared to the amount of land it has
d) Canada has a small population compared to the amount of land it has

Canada is the largest country by landmass in the ____________ hemisphere.
a) Northern
b) Southern
c) Eastern
d) Western

What environmental issue, are the American and Canadian governments working together to limit the amount of pollution created by producers.
a) Pollution of the Great Lakes
b) SMOG in the U.K.
c) Mining Related pollution
d) Deforestation

The main environmental issues in Canada are:
a) Pollution, over population, sewage, glacial melting
b) Over population, air pollution, mining pollution, deforestation
c) Acid rain, water pollution, mining related pollution, deforestation
d) Mining related pollution, acid rain, over population, deforestation

Mining related pollution occurs mainly around:
a) Canadian Shield
b) Great Lakes
c) British Columbia
d) South Eastern Ontario

Which of the following are important natural resources for Canada?
a) Coal, oil, water
b) Oil, timber, lumber jacks
c) Fish, timber, railways
d) Highways, natural gas, wheat

What geographic feature allows Canada to move good from the center of the country, to the Atlantic Ocean, and then eventually to Europe?
a) Great Lakes
b) Saint Lawrence River
c) Pacific Ocean
d) Great Lakes AND The Saint Lawrence River

Most people in Canada live in which climate region?
a) Tundra: Ground is frozen solid for most of the year
b) Subarctic: Very little sunlight and the temperature rarely goes above freezing
c) Humid Continental: Large seasonal differences, hot summery, very cold winters
d) Humid Subtropical: Hot and humid summers, with mild winters

Which of the following IS NOT an environmental concern for Canada?
a) Water pollution of the Great Lakes
b) Acid Rain
c) Waste from mining in the Canadian Shield
d) Rapid extinction of wildlife

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