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An important attribute
a) job
b) attitude
c) person
d) quality

to tolerate rudeness
a) put up with
b) nor care for
c) to show off
d) object to

bizarre appearance
a) usual
b) odd
c) attractive
d) tragic

horde of locusts
a) nest
b) swarm
c) family
d) enemy

relevant information
a) extensive
b) applicable
c) unimportant
d) well-known

humanitarian efforts
a) for human welfare
b) totally committed
c) self-centered
d) self-defeating

to infest an area
a) swarm over
b) lightly cleanse
c) thoroughly explore
d) flee from

the irony of the situation
a) worst part
b) surprising contradiction
c) comic element
d) predictable outcome

an efficient humanoid
a) human being
b) humanlike person
c) humanlike being
d) factory worker

a predatory beast
a) crazed
b) preying
c) wild
d) familiar

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