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__________ is the study of the Earth
a) archaeology
b) geology
c) geography
d) science

Western Calendars begin with the year that __________ was born
a) George Bush
b) Muhammad
c) Jesus
d) The Hulk

B.C. means _______________
a) Before Christ
b) Before Church
c) Between Christ
d) Between Church

A.D. means _________________
a) After Death
b) Anno Domini
c) Anno Death
d) After Domini

_______________ is the study of ancient peoples.
a) Geology
b) Geography
c) Archaeology
d) Science

_______________ is the land bridge that joined Asia and the Americas.
a) The Bering Strait
b) Atlantis
c) Alaska
d) Beringia

______________ are people who move from place to place
a) Mound Builders
b) Nomads
c) Travelers
d) Herds

__________ is a movement of a large number of people into a new homeland.
a) Movement
b) Migration
c) A trip
d) A journey

The first Americans hunted animals such as the _________ and _________.
a) Saber tooth tiger and fox
b) Fox and lion
c) Mammoth and fox
d) Saber tooth tiger and mammoth

About 9,000 years ago, people living in present-day Mexico learned to plant and raise a form of corn called _____.
a) tobacco
b) rice
c) maize
d) wheat

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