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!Camina a la puerta!
a) Walk to the door!
b) Eat the door!
c) Walk to the table!
d) Eat the table!

!Come el helado!
a) Eat the ice cream!
b) Smell the ice cream
c) Eat the hamburger!
d) Run to the door!

!Jessie se sienta en la mesa!
a) Jessie is sitting on the door!
b) Jessie is standing on the table!
c) Jessie is sitting on the table!
d) Jessie is standing on the cat!

!Escribe tu nombre!
a) Write your name!
b) Draw your name!
c) Write the alphabet!
d) Draw a number!

!Dibuja el gato grande!
a) Draw on the small cat!
b) Write down the cat's name!
c) Draw a small cat!
d) Draw a big cat!

!Dibuja la bandera americana!
a) Smile at the American flag!
b) Draw the American flag!
c) Write on the American board!
d) Draw the American door!

!Abre el libro rapido!
a) Shut the door quickly!
b) Open the book quickly!
c) Shut the book quickly!
d) Open the door quickly!

!Cierra la carpeta!
a) Close the cat's mouth!
b) Open the folder!
c) Close the folder!
d) Close the door!

!El gato come el libro!
a) The cat ate the book!
b) The dog ate the book!
c) The door at the book!
d) The cat ate the door!

!Doctor Wilson camina a CCS!
a) Doctor Wilson drives to CCS!
b) Doctor Wilson smiles at CCS!
c) Doctor Wilson walks to CCS!
d) Doctor Wilson is at CCS!

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