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What time do we stop doing reconnections on the weekends?
a) 10am
b) 4pm
c) Noon
d) 2pm

What are the two records we have to check on an account before offering a payment arrangement?
a) Transaction History of disconnects and No Previous Broken Arrangements
b) Phone number on file and Email address
c) Service Orders and Comments on Account
d) We are not able to offer payment arrangements, they can only be done by customer service

What department are sewer stop up issues sent to?
a) Customer Service
b) Field Service
c) Lift Station
d) Station 9 after 6pm

What number do we call if we are not able to reach Customer Service Standby 1 after a few tries?
a) Just keep trying the same number until you reach the technician on standby 1
b) Reach out to standby 2 at 407-414-6410
c) Reach out to supervisor on duty
d) Reach out to field service technician

What is the first step a potential customer must take in order to start services with us?
a) Call customer service during normal business hours so they can start their application
b) Complete online application and then follow up with customer service on the following business day
c) Pay the $125 deposit needed for services to be started
d) They must contact KUA to make sure there is not already an account with them

What must we do first for No Water calls after we verify the account?
a) Send No Water ticket to station 9 or Standby 1 (Customer Service Tech)
b) Send No Water ticket to station 9 or Field Service Tech
c) Troubleshoot with the customer and have them check the house valve
d) Advise the customer to call back during normal business hours

What is the total cost of a new customer moving in?
a) $50
b) $100
c) $75
d) $125

What is the phone number we call for Lift Station issues?
a) 407-944-5178
b) 407-319-6870
c) 407-885-2382
d) 407-201-0695

When does the $25 premium reconnect fee apply?
a) Always
b) Weekdays after 2pm and on weekends
c) Weekdays after 5pm and on weekends
d) Weekdays after 6pm and on weekends

What is required of the customer when they have an incomplete turn on?
a) Someone must be home and all faucets inside the home are off
b) Someone does not need to be home but all faucets inside the home must be off
c) They must hire a handyman or plumber before technician arrives
d) They must contact customer service during normal business hours

What day do our technicians change?
a) Tuesday
b) Thursday
c) Friday
d) Monday

Who are the two supervisors for Toho that can only be reached by an inktel supervisor?
a) Horace Skinner and Luis Martinez
b) Jonathan Rivera and Phillip Williams
c) Andrew Martinez and James Hummer
d) Ruben Terron and Kevin Lacy

If a customer calls in for a reconnection on Friday after 7pm, When is the soonest they can be reconnected?
a) That same night when the technicians are finishing the rest of their reconnect tickets
b) The Monday following because we are not able to reconnect them on weekends
c) The next day (Saturday) ticket will be sent to standby 1 technician
d) They will have to wait until Sunday since we do not reconnect on Saturdays

What are the two main options we have to de-escalate a customer who is calling in about a reconnect?
a) Waive the disconnection fee and roll over the premium reconnect fee
b) Waive both the disconnection fee and the premium reconnect fee
c) Waive the premium reconnect fee and roll over the disconnect fee
d) Try to calm the customer down and if they persist then call over a supervisor

When are we permitted to use our phones and internet access?
a) Once all the supervisors/managers have left for the day.
b) Never. Ever.
c) Anytime as long as you are descreet about it
d) Whenever you want because we are allowed to only on our account

What is the cut-off time for Reconnections and Incomplete Turn On requests Monday-Friday??
a) 7PM
b) 5PM
c) 6PM
d) 8PM

How can we assist a customer with preventing their disconnection if they are not able to pay their bill on that day?
a) Advise them to call customer service during normal business hours
b) Create a payment arrangement if the account permits
c) Send a request ticket to station 9
d) Call a supervisor and see if they can pay at a later date

What department are tickets sent to from 5PM to 6PM Monday-Friday?
a) Field Service Technician
b) Customer Service Technician
c) Station 9
d) Lift Station Technician

Which of the following fee can be waived by us (Agents)?
a) Disconnection Fee
b) Premium Reconnect Fee
c) Same Day Service Fee
d) Next Day Service Fee

What is the one Toho email address that we use for ALL tickets?

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