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What is a chemical reaction?
a) An interaction where substances change into new and different substances.
b) What happens when objects melt.
c) The thing that happens when Mrs. Beech gets mad.
d) A change from a solid to a liquid.

What is the chemical formula for water?
a) HO
b) hydrogen and oxygen
c) H2O
d) HO2

What is a substance?
a) A form of matter that is the same as every other form of matter.
b) A symbol
c) Something found inside your desk.
d) A form of matter that is different from every other form of matter.

What is the difference between the substances CO and Co?
a) no difference
b) C = carbon; O = oxygen; Co = cobalt; they are elements
c) CO = cobalt; C = cesium; O = oxygen; they are elements
d) C is my grade; O stands for outstanding; Co stands for company

How many naturally occurring elements are there?
a) 118
b) 8675309
c) 90
d) too many

The basic building block of all matter
a) element
b) brick
c) compound
d) mixture

What is an element?
a) A solid nonmetal
b) A substance that can be turned into simpler substances
c) A liquid metal
d) A substance that cannot be broken into simpler substances

Three ways that substances can be described?
a) Manny, Moe and Jack
b) The hard way, the easy way, no way
c) common name, chemical formula, chemical name
d) all the way, some of the way, far away

Why did Mendeleyev change the layout of the elements into rows and columns?
a) His mother made him
b) He wanted it all to fit on one page instead of in a long line
c) He didn't have any toys
d) He put elements with similar characteristics in the same column

What grade will you probably get if you did not complete your poster?
a) F
b) A
c) C
d) Z

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