Q4 Health Exam Review PART ONE Question Preview (ID: 45492)

Quarter 4 Health Assessment Review Part 1.[print questions]

Which of the following is NOT a symptom of alcoholism
a) A strong craving for alcohol
b) the ability to limit the amount of alcohol consumed
c) a physical dependence on alcohol
d) the need to drink increasing amounts of alcohol

Which of the following is a means of transmitting HIV from one person to another
a) saliva
b) casual contact
c) through a mother's breast milk
d) insect bites

Which of the following is NOT true regarding marijuana use with females
a) decreased saliva production
b) increased hunger
c) increased testosterone levels
d) increased memory

Which is not a step in the R.I.C.E. procedure
a) call a poison control center
b) elevate the injured body partd
c) ice the injury
d) rest the injured body part

What structure does fertilization occur in
a) ovary
b) fallopian tube
c) cervix
d) uterus

The HPV vaccine
a) prevents all types of HPV
b) cures cancer caused by HPV
c) protects against only four types of HPV
d) eliminates the virus from the body

Mainstream smoke is
a) smoke from the burning end of a cigarette, pipe, or cigar
b) smoke exhaled from the lungs of the smoker
c) smoke from the burning of somkeless tobacco
d) smoke exhaled from the nonsmoker

A tear in the abdominal wall that allows part of the intestine to push through
a) causes sterility
b) is an inguineal hernia
c) is an early sign of cancer
d) causes toxic shock syndrome

What is one reason STDs often go untreated
a) most STDs are not serious
b) most STDs disappear on thier own
c) there is no treatment or cure for most STDs
d) some people are afraid to seek medical treatment

A substance that causes physiological or psychological dependence is called a(n)
a) toxic drug
b) addictive drug
c) perscription drug
d) over-the-counter drug

Which behavior is most likely to prevent the risk of STDs?
a) having protected sexual activity
b) being sexually active with only one person
c) being sexually active only with asymptomatic partners
d) using refusal skills when pressured to engage in sexual activity

Female sex hormones are produced by the
a) endometrium
b) ova
c) ovaries
d) fallopian tubes

What order would you follow the three C’s in responding to a heroin overdose
a) check scene for safety, care for victim, call 911
b) call 911, check scene for safety, care for victim
c) care for victim, call 911, check scene for safety
d) Check the scene for safety, call 911, care for victim

Which of the following describes the first step in the development of alcoholism
a) abuse of alcohol
b) dependence on alcohol
c) refusal of alcohol
d) addiction to alcohol

Which gland stimulates the testes and ovaries to produce sex hormones
a) hypothalamus
b) pituitary gland
c) thyroid gland
d) adrenal gland

Which path does an ovum take through the female reproductive tract
a) ovaries, cervix, fallopian tubes
b) ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus
c) ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina, uterus
d) ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix

Which is NOT a long-term effect of tobacco use
a) stroke
b) emphysema
c) decreased blood pressure
d) hardened arteries

First aid for a minor burn includes
a) calling 911
b) applying steady pressure to burned area
c) chest compressions and rescue breathing
d) holding the burned area under cold water

Which is the best description of fermentation
a) the effect that alcohol has on the liver
b) the chemical action of yeast on sugars
c) the interaction of alcohol and drugs
d) the long-term impact of alcohol on the brain

Which of the following is NOT a consequence of drinking as a teen
a) a greater likelihood of developing alcohol dependance as an adult
b) an increased chance of arrest
c) a greater chance of perpetrating or being the victim of violence
d) an increased ability to make careful decisions

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