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The place where a substrate attaches to an enzyme is called the enzyme’s –
a) substrate site
b) reaction site
c) catalytic site
d) active site

All of the following are paired correctly except –
a) Proteins – Enzymes
b) Nucleic Acids - DNA
c) Carbohydrates - Catalyst
d) Lipids - Wax

Which of the following statements is false?
a) Fatty acids are the building blocks of lipids
b) Amino acids are the building blocks of polypeptides (proteins)
c) Nucleotides are the building blocks of nucleic acids
d) Polysaccharides are the building blocks of simple sugars

Lipids include all of the following except -
a) Waxes
b) Steroids
c) Oils
d) Starch

The substance an enzyme binds with is called -
a) active site
b) substrate
c) amino acid
d) molecule

A nucleotide is made up of all of the following except -
a) nucleos
b) nitrogen base
c) sugar
d) phosphate group

Carbohydrates are used for -
a) long-term energy storage.
b) short-term energy storage
c) protection.
d) insulation.

The building blocks of proteins are -
a) nucleic acids
b) peptide bonds
c) fatty acids
d) amino acids

An example of a monosaccharide is -
a) glucose
b) catalase
c) lactase
d) sucrose

Enzymes are important because they -
a) provide support to the cell\'s structure.
b) provide organisms with energy.
c) increase the rate of chemical reactions.
d) decrease the rate of chemical reactions.

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