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The Difference Between Renewable And Nonrenewable Energy And The Impacts Humans Have On The Water Cycle.[print questions]

Michael's family is building a new house. They would like to use electricity generated by renewable resources. Which of these power supplies would help the family accomplish this goal?
a) gasoline engine
b) solar roof panels
c) cola power plant
d) nuclear power plant

Engineers are developing new cars that use fuel sources other than gas. These cars cost less to use. They also make fewer waste products than gas powered cars. If more people start driving these new cars, what will be the MOST likely result?
a) more brands of cars
b) less road construction
c) more public transportation
d) lower levels of air pollution

Which widely used energy sources are nonrenewable and also a source of greenhouse gas emissions?
a) fossil fuels
b) wind turbines
c) hydroelectric dams
d) solar cells

Which is an advantage of using renewable resources?
a) They make energy more affordable.
b) They make electricity less dangerous.
c) They will be available for many years
d) They will reduce the demand for electricity.

Windmills are used to obtain usable energy from wind. Which would be an advantage of using a windmill?
a) Windmills are expensive to build.
b) The wind does not blow all the time.
c) Pollution is not created by windmills.
d) Populations of birds can be reduced by windmills.

Which statement identifies an energy source as renewable?
a) Oil, because it is found underground.
b) Wind, because it is always available.
c) Water, because it is becoming scarce.
d) Coal, because it was formed in plants.

Which best describes wind energy?
a) limited
b) damaging
c) inexpensive
d) renewable

Which resource is renewable?
a) oil
b) coal
c) natural gas
d) water

Which of these technologies helps a power company use renewable energy for the production of electricity?
a) hydroelectric power
b) nuclear power plants
c) natural gas generators
d) coal-fired power plants

Which technology used to generate electrical power involves a trade-off between economical electricity and long-term waste disposal problems?
a) fossil fuel
b) nuclear reactor
c) solar collector
d) wind turbine

Ethanol is an alternative fuel made from corn. What is one of the unfavorable effects of using ethanol as a fuel?
a) decreased cost of fuel production
b) decrease in farm land available for food production
c) increase in the consumption of fossil fuels
d) increased carbon footprint from driving automobiles

The increasing use of internal combustion engines could eventually deplete which resource?
a) wind energy
b) petroleum
c) uranium
d) solar energy

Anual energy use: Oil 40%, Coal 23%, Natural Gas 22%, Nuclear 8%, Hydroelectric 3%, Biomass 3%, and Geothermal, Solar, and Wind 1%. What percent is nonrenewable?
a) 93%
b) 85%
c) 15%
d) 7%

A terrarium is used to model the water cycle. Before putting the lid on the jar, the student waters the plants and puts the terrarium in a sunny window. What part of the water cycle occurs inside the terrarium only after the plants have been added?
a) precipitation
b) evaporation
c) condensation
d) transpiration

Hydroelectricity uses dams to generate electricity. How do dams negatively impact the water cycle?
a) A lake forms which provides water for animals.
b) Creating lakes where people can boat and swim.
c) Droughts can occur downstream with some streams completely drying up.
d) Providing electricity that does not pollute the air.

Deforestation can cause increased runoff because
a) the soil absorbs more moisture without plants.
b) without trees the water vapor evaporates faster to the atmosphere.
c) without trees increased transpiration occurs.
d) the plants are no longer there to soak up the moisture when it rains.

Besides precipitation patterns and runoff what parts of the water cycle does climate change impact?
a) Climate change does not impact the water cycle.
b) The overall amount of water in all forms increases.
c) The overall amount of water in all forms decrease.
d) Atmospheric water vapor amounts.

When irrigation is used to water crops often nutrients that are important in growing crops are washed away. This causes the use of more fertilizers by farmers to grow crops successfully. How does this negatively impact the water cycle?
a) More condensation occurs.
b) More rivers and lakes become polluted.
c) More clouds form in the atmosphere.
d) More evaporation from rivers and lakes happens.

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