Transformation Of The Nation Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 45474)

Unit 3 American History 8.

What caused President Roosevelt to sign the Meat Inspection Act?
a) corrupt federal meat inspectors
b) unsanitary slaughterhouses
c) Upton Sinclairs book The Jungle
d) all of these

What was an effect of working in the meat packing industry?
a) joints were eaten by acid
b) no nails, resulting from pulling on animal hides
c) tuberculosis germs
d) all of the above

Progressive Reformers included
a) Jane Addams
b) Jacob Riis
c) Upton Sinclair
d) All of them

The demand for coal increased as a result of the:
a) bessemer process
b) steam engine
c) water turbines
d) windmills

Buildings where people came to use machines were called:
a) factories
b) stores
c) outlets
d) cities

What urban problem existed in the I.R.?
a) overpopulation
b) pollution
c) tenement houses
d) all of these

The first industry to develop during the I.R. was?
a) automobiles
b) textiles
c) farming
d) communications

When workers unite to complain about conditions on the job they organize to form
a) corporation
b) gangs
c) philanthropists
d) unions

What types of reforms did Progressive seek?
a) child labor laws
b) minimum wage
c) shortened workdays/weeks
d) all of the above

What age group/gender got paid the most?
a) women
b) girls
c) men
d) boys

What method was used by unions to get better conditions?
a) strikes
b) assassinations
c) terrorism
d) urbanization

The bessemer process helped the production of ....
a) iron
b) aluminum
c) steel
d) concrete

Working condition in the early Industrial Revolution were...
a) exciting
b) profitable
c) healthy
d) hazardous

The Jungle by Sinclair describes...
a) the gross tenement housing
b) gross manipulation by the oil monopoly
c) the gross meat packing industry
d) the gross sanitation in the cities

Who gained a lot of political power in Congress during the I.R.?
a) the people
b) the Senators
c) the monopolists
d) the Congressmen

the goal of a monopoly is...
a) to eliminate competition
b) to lower prices
c) to encourage competition
d) to control stock prices

Carnegie donated money (philanthropy) toward
a) the telegraph
b) steel bridges
c) sleeping cars
d) public libraries

Rockefeller was a ...
a) philanthropist
b) robber baron
c) economist
d) small business owner

Term for an extremely wealthy and ruthless businessman.
a) corporation
b) robber baron
c) philanthropist
d) industrialist

Mass production is ...
a) an increase in the number of working hours
b) an increase in the amount of items produced
c) an increase in profits made by companies
d) the formation of monopolies

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