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Great Depression/New Deal.[print questions]

Someone who was a painter looking for a job would want to be a part of which New Deal Program?
a) WPA
b) TVA
d) CCC

What happened as a result of the Dust Bowl?
a) many people moved east to find jobs
b) many people moved west to find jobs
c) many people found jobs on nearby farms
d) the government bought more farming equipment

Why did Franklin D Roosevelt create the New Deal?
a) to help the rich
b) to help the poor find jobs
c) to support Great Britain in WWII
d) to build homes for the homeless

What caused the Dust Bowl?
a) flooding
b) hurricane
c) farmers using crop rotation techniques
d) poor farming practices and a drought

Who was a famous jazz, swing, and blues composer of the 1930's?
a) Duke Ellington
b) Langston Hughes
c) Jesse Owens
d) Charles Lindbergh

Why were some people against the New Deal?
a) They thought people were lazy
b) They thought the government was spending too much money
c) They thought FDR was a criminal
d) They thought it only helped rich people

Which of the following is NOT a cause of the Great Depression?
a) stock market crash
b) unemployment
d) the Dust Bowl

What was the purpose of soup kitchens?
a) to feed government workers
b) to feed refugees from other countries
c) to feed the unemployed
d) to feed workers of the CCC

Who won four Olympic Gold medals but faced racial discrimination?
a) Babe Ruth
b) Langston Hughes
c) Duke Ellington
d) Jesse Owens

Who did many people blame the Great Depression on?
a) Jesse Owens
b) Langston Hughes
c) Franklin D Roosevelt
d) Herbert Hoover

How do households support the government?
a) by selling their labor to businesses
b) by paying taxes
c) by going to public places
d) by eating in restaurants

Which of the following is NOT a reason for the New Deal?
a) Millions of people were unemployed.
b) There were too many jobs
c) Banks were failing .
d) People were homeless and hungry.

The stock market crash of 1929 led to
a) many people getting new jobs
b) many people being unemployed
c) many people moving to the north
d) many people getting richer

The stock market crash of 1929 happened
a) after the Great Depression
b) after a decade of economic growth (ie The Roaring 20's)
c) as a result of the New Deal
d) because there were too many jobs

Gone with the Wind was about
a) life during the Great Depression
b) life during the Spanish American War
c) life before, during, and after the Civil War
d) life as a slave

The Stock Market Crash came after
a) America won WWII
b) the fall of the Berlin Wall
c) a decade of economic growth known as the Roaring 20's
d) many people lost their jobs

Which athlete participated in the 1936 Olympics in Germany under the rule of Hitler?
a) Baby Ruth
b) Jackie Robinson
c) Louis Armstrong
d) Jesse Owens

People sell their labor to businesses in order to
a) earn an income.
b) get free food.
c) pay taxes.
d) sell goods.

What event led to a large number of unemployed Americans in the early 1930's?
a) Stock Market Crash
b) New Deal
c) WWI

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