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Which river flooded and contributed the main part of the water ending up in the Bay?
a) James River
b) Patuxent River
c) Potomac River
d) Susquehanna River

Which of the following is not a natural use of wetlands?
a) Can be dredged for urban uses
b) Provides food for various species
c) Prevents shoreline erosion= buffer zones
d) Provides habitats for various species

Which state is not part of the Bay watershed ?
a) Delaware
b) Maryland
c) New Jersey
d) New York

Which species is the most important for the survival of the Bay area?
a) Blue crabs
b) Oysters
d) Striped Bass

The average depth of the Bay is
a) 10 ft
b) 21 ft
c) 100 ft
d) 170 ft

Where would the salinity be the highest in the Bay?
a) near the James River
b) near the Potomac River
c) near the Rappahannock River
d) near the York River

What caused the actual formation of the Bay?
a) excessive erosion
b) meteor impact and glacial melting
c) extreme pressure changes
d) excessive sedimentation

Which of the following is not a role of SAV's?
a) provide shelter for various species
b) prevents shoreline erosion
c) produces carbon dioxide
d) produces oxygen

How long is the Bay watershed area?
a) 4 miles
b) 10 miles
c) 30 miles
d) 200 miles

Which of the following is a key physical factor about the Bay?
a) dissolved oxygen
b) pH
c) salinity
d) temperature

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