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Review For The Cask Of Amontillado Assessment On 01-18.

How does the reader know that Montresor got away with his crime?
a) He didn't get arrested.
b) Fortunato is still alive
c) Montresor is still alive.
d) He says the bones have not been disturbed for half a century.

What is Fortunato's weak point?
a) His knowledge
b) His sense of humor
c) His pride
d) His happiness

Amontillado is a type of
a) Armadillo
b) Cask
c) Pipe
d) Wine

A catacomb is a type of
a) underground cemetery
b) in short supply
c) high pitched noise
d) stonework

Why wasn't it unusual that people were drinking and having a good time in the streets during the story?
a) It was during Carnival
b) It was after the Superbowl
c) It was Christmas
d) It was Halloween

This word means freedom from punishment, penalty, or harm
a) impunity
b) repose
c) fetter
d) destined

What does this phrase mean - A wrong is undressed when the retribution overtakes its redresser?
a) No wrong can be avenged
b) A person who avenges a wrong shouldn't be punished
c) People need to be dressed up in order to get revenge
d) A person who avenges a wrong must be punished

Who is the narrator of The Cask of Amontillado?
a) Luchresi
b) Amontillado
c) Fortunato
d) Montresor

Most of the setting of the story takes place
a) at the carnival
b) in Fortunato's palazzo
c) in the Montresor catacombs
d) next to Luchresi's home

Which phrase best describes the theme of the story?
a) Friendship is valuable
b) Miscommunication can be harmful
c) Revenge is best when the punisher is not punished
d) Avoid attending parties when ill

Why does Fortunato go into the vault?
a) To seek revenge against Montresor
b) To prove he knows wine
c) To attend a meeting
d) To find peace and quiet

Which event predicts that Montresor will get his revenge?
a) The men drink wine
b) Fortunato wears a costume
c) The men discuss Fortunato's health
d) Montresor brags about the Amontillado

What does this quote describe - His eyes are two filmy orbs that distilled the rheum of intoxication?
a) Fortunato is happy
b) Fortunato is under the influence of alcohol
c) Fortunato is filled with anger
d) Fortunato has been crying

Which event is considered the climax (most exciting moment) of the story?
a) Montresor begins building the wall
b) Montresor takes Fortunato to the vault
c) Montresor stops building and looks into the recess
d) Fortunato dies

Montresor stops working when Fortunato begins rattling his chains because Montresor
a) is exhausted from working
b) worries that someone will hear
c) wants to save Fortunato
d) momentarily sees the reality of what he is doing

If Fortunato had not been under the influence of alcohol, he might have wondered why Montresor
a) walked him so far down into the catacombs
b) expressed concern for his cough
c) mentioned Luchresi
d) broke the top off of the wine bottle he offered

What is the main conflict that drives the majority of the story?
a) Montresor v. Himself
b) Montresor v. Fortunado
c) Montresor v. Luchresi
d) Montresor v. Society

The insult that Fortunato inflicts on Montresor
a) concerns Montresor's home
b) concerns Montresor's heritage
c) insults Montresor's knowledge of wine
d) is not revealed in the story

When Fortunato offers to judge the wine, Montresor responds by
a) eagerly accepting Fortunato's offer
b) pretending to resist Fortunato's offer
c) being sincerely excited
d) pretending he does not care

Just as Montresor finishes walling Fortunato into the catacombs to die: “My heart grew sick; it was the dampness of the catacombs that made it so.” What insight into the narrator’s point of view does this line provide the reader?
a) Montresor is afraid of the dark.
b) Montresor had too much carnival food.
c) Montresor momentarily feels emotional about what he has done to Fortunato.
d) Montresor has been suffering from a chronic illness.

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