Transformation Of The Nation Question Preview (ID: 45462)

Unit 3.

What replaced river travel in the 1800's?
a) railroad
b) planes
c) automobiles (cars)
d) horse and carriage

Immigrants were attracted to...
a) freedom
b) job opportunities
c) money
d) all of the above

Bell invented?
a) light bulb
b) airplane
c) telephone
d) assembly line

What advancement led to the Industrial Revolution?
a) nuclear power
b) animal power
c) water power
d) steam power

Nativism is
a) creation of services to help the poor
b) anti-immigration
c) improvement in working conditions
d) assimilation of immigrants

________ made his enormous wealth expanding the railroads.
a) Carnegie
b) Rockefeller
c) Ford
d) Vanderbilt

What process did Ford develop that made automobile accessible by average people?
a) interchangeable parts
b) assembly line
c) Bessemer Process
d) shift work

Why did immigrants go through Ellis Island and Angel Island?
a) to check for lice
b) to inspect their health
c) to pay fees to enter
d) to get their luggage

Monopolist banker of the Industrial Revolution
a) Rockefeller
b) Carnegie
c) Morgan
d) Ford

What reforms did the Progressives want?
a) end to child labor
b) equal pay for women
c) end of piecework done in tenements
d) all of the above.

Which technology did not take place during the Industrial Revolution in the U.S.?
a) elevators
b) subways and trolley
c) steam engines
d) windmills

Law passed making monopolies in the U.S. illegal?
a) National Securities Act
b) Meat Inspection Act
c) Sherman Antitrust Act
d) Standard Oil Act

The muckraker, Jacob Riis documented what?
a) the ruthless tactics of Rockefeller's Oil Company
b) social problems caused by tenement housing
c) unsanitary conditions in the meatpacking industry
d) abuses of workers in the railroad industry

The Light bulb, phonograph, and Menlo Park Laboratory are associated with who?
a) Thomas Edison
b) Alexander Graham Bell
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) James Watt

When railroads expanded, what was eliminated?
a) buffalo/bison
b) agriculture
c) water supply
d) the horse

How did immigration change factories?
a) they brought skills, talent, ideas with them
b) they formed gangs
c) they did not work
d) the started cultural diffusion

Term referring to people who settle in a foreign country?
a) immigrant
b) migrant
c) movement
d) colonist

Chinese immigrants...
a) built San Francisco
b) built the railroad
c) developed unions
d) worked in textile mills

Why was the transcontinental railroad important?
a) be the longest in the world
b) kept the South from winning the Civil war
c) encouraged the settlement of the west
d) stopped native American attacks

Rockefeller is associated with...
a) steel
b) oil
c) railroads
d) automobiles (cars)

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