AP US GoPo 2019 Final Exam Study Guide III Question Preview (ID: 45461)

AP US GoPo 2019.

Political action groups are extensions of interest groups that
a) raise money for campaigns
b) determine public opinion
c) call for the resignation of fraudulent office holders
d) encourage massive use of propaganda

Where in the Constitution is the establishment clause found?
a) 1st amendment
b) Preamble
c) 2nd amendment
d) Article I

Which of the following is generally true about most presidential elections in modern history?
a) The winner of the popular vote usually wins the majority in the electoral college
b) They are nonpartisan elections
c) They result in major party alignments
d) They often center around one major issue

Which of the following is NOT a check on the power of the executive branch?
a) executive agreements
b) judicial review of executive actions
c) approval power over appointments
d) the power of the purse

Which of the following was an expansion of suffrage that occurred before the Civil War?
a) elimination of religious qualifications
b) elimination of gender qualifications
c) elimination of race qualifications
d) elimination of literacy tests

The constitutional duty of the vice-president is to
a) preside over the Senate and break tie votes
b) balamce the ticket
c) issue directives, on the president's order, to political parties
d) work with the SCOTUS on constitutional issues

An important result of McCulloch v Maryland was to
a) establish the supremacy of the federal government over the states
b) place limits on the powers of Congress
c) establish the doctrine of judicial review
d) establish the doctrine of dual federalism

Which of the following is a false statement about the Constitutiuon?
a) It limits the individual liberties of the American peoiple
b) It provides for the protection of individual freedoms
c) It is the guideline for fundamental law in the USA
d) It provides for a system of checks and balances among the branches of government.

A group of individuals seeking to control government by winning elections and placing candidates in office would best be described as a(n)
a) political party
b) political action committee
c) caucus
d) constituency

Where in the Constitution is the establishment of a federal court system found?
a) Article III
b) Article VI
c) Article I
d) Article II

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