AP US GoPo 2019 Final Exam Study Guide II Question Preview (ID: 45460)

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The necessary and proper clause is also known as the
a) elastic clause
b) expressed clause
c) enumerated clause
d) general practice clause

Iron triangles are alliances that involve all of the following groups EXCEPT
a) interested members of the media
b) interest groups
c) congressional committees
d) congressional subcommittees

Which of the following is considered to be the main trial court within the federal government court system?
a) a district court
b) a federal circuit court
c) the Supreme Court
d) an appellate court

The first woman appointed to SCOTUS was
a) Sandra Day O'Connor
b) Geraldine Ferraro
c) Elana Kagan
d) Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Which of the following is NOT a basic principle of government found in the Constitution?
a) conservativism
b) judicial review
c) popular sovereignty
d) limited government

In tyhe US Constitution, where is the congressional power of taxation found?
a) Article I
b) Article II
c) Article IV
d) Article VI

James Madison applied the term faction to
a) political parties and interest groups
b) splinter groups of the executive
c) negative members of Congress
d) interest groups

The most effective tool of any interest group wishing tgo influence the workings of government is
a) then lobbyist
b) the political party
c) grassroots organizations
d) propaganda

Which of the following is not a role of the members of Congress?
a) gatekeeper
b) delegate
c) constituent servant
d) policymaker

In absence of the vice-president, who is the presiding officer in the US Senate?
a) president pro tem
b) speaker
c) majority leader
d) the president

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