Connections Semester 1 Question Preview (ID: 45457)

Fall Semester Test.

Results in popcorn lung...
a) Vaping
b) tobacco
c) Cigarettes
d) popcorn

This cluster found out that 40,000 people are injured by toilets per year.
a) sales and marketing
b) education and training
c) health science
d) spicy Mexican food

Politicians are typically found in this cluster.
a) manufacturing
b) law and public safety
c) government and public administration
d) boredom

These STAAR/EOC Tests are required to graduate high school
b) Algebra, Geometry, English 1 and 2
c) Algebra 1, English 1 and Biology English 2 US History
d) Biology, Algebra 1, English 2, and World History

this cluster makes neat-o commercials for the super bowl
a) marketing and sales
b) public safety and dougnuts
c) information technology
d) doritos

this cluster fills up our bellies.
a) cluster fudge?
b) agriculture and food
c) education and training
d) architecture and construction

This class gives you high school credit while in middle school.
a) Algebra 1
b) Principles of Applied Engineering
c) Principles of Human Services
d) All of these

without this cluster, the world would be out of control and unsafe.
a) public transportation
b) karen from accounting
c) law and public safety
d) cluster fudge?

Which cluster would allow you to be a WELDER
a) manufacturing
b) human services
c) finance
d) information technology

Electives are...
a) none core classes
b) classes you get to choose to fail
c) Culinary Arts, Theater, and English
d) the same as core classes.

A ___ type goal helps you aim and complete the details.
a) specific
b) timely
c) attainable
d) soccer

This class can give you an Art credit if passed.
a) Band
b) Floral Design
c) Theater
d) All of these

These teachers typically teach this class on college campus.
a) AP
b) Dual Credit

Your athletic coaches cannot check your grades in other classes here.
a) College
b) High School

College entrance exams are the ___ and ___.
a) LSAT and ACT
b) ACT and ASVAB
c) PSAT and ACT
d) ACT and SAT

You need ___ credits to graduate high school and a(n) ___.
a) 26 and endorsement
b) 28 and endorsement
c) 24 and a great attitude
d) 26 and pre-requisites

This class offers an opportunity to have you earn both college and high school credit at the same time.
a) dual credit
b) AP

This job cluster requires people to ask Would you rather go by boat or airplane?
a) business and finance
b) human services
c) Tourism and Hospitality
d) Law and public safety

You need these credits to graduate.
a) 2 of the same LOTE, 1 PE, and 1 Art
b) 2 of any LOTE, 1 PE and 1 Art
c) 2 Art, 1 PE, and 3 of the same year LOTE
d) credit is for buying cars and houses.

This is the only other thing MORE addictive than nicotine.
a) heroin
b) caffiene
c) cocain
d) meth

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