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The Close button has an ______ inside it.
a) C
b) X
c) -
d) +

A miniature display of the file
a) Icon
b) Tumbnail
c) Recylce Bin
d) Extension

Small picture representing a program
a) Icon
b) Tumbnail
c) Recycle Bin
d) Extension

The process of organizing files into folders is called ___________
a) Organizing
b) File Management
c) Folder Management
d) dragging

To delete a folder, select it and press the ___________
a) X
b) Delete Key
c) Enter Key
d) Cut Button

_________ is storage on a computer that holds all files after they have been deleted.
a) Icon
b) Tumbnail
c) Recycle Bin
d) Desktop

The __________ button undeletes all items and saves them back to their original location.
a) Close
b) Restore
c) Undo
d) Redo

The ______________ button permanently deletes all items stored in the Recycle Bin.
a) Delete
b) Close
c) Restore
d) Empty the Recycle Bin

The keys where you place your fingers to begin typing are called the __________.
a) Home
b) Home Board
c) Home Row
d) Home Place

The left hand home row keys are asdf.
a) True
b) False

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