Europe Economics Question Preview (ID: 45442)

Econ Of UK, Russia, And Germany.

Currency used in Russia
a) euro
b) pound
c) ruble
d) dollar

Germany uses Euros now, but they used to use
a) mark
b) dollar
c) pound
d) ruble

United Kingdom has a GDP of around
a) $20,000
b) $40,000
c) $60,000
d) $100,000

Soviet Union workers made wages decided by
a) the Governmnet
b) themselves
c) president of the company
d) people buying the products

Germany Literacy rate is near
a) 100%
b) 80%
c) 55%
d) 20%

a) to start and own your own business
b) extra money to spend when everything is paid off
c) leader of Russia
d) is a German word for buisness

If your country has a high GDP and a high literacy rate, most likely your standard of living will be
a) low
b) high
c) average
d) surplus

Soviet Union Econ. was
a) Market
b) command
c) traditional
d) democracy

Great Britain economy leans toward
a) free market
b) controlling command
c) traditional
d) Communist

Current Russia Federation Econ. is
a) market
b) command
c) traditional
d) democracy

Most economies lean one way but All economies are a
a) market economy
b) command economy
c) traditional economy
d) mixed economy

One of Germany's main exports are
a) fruits
b) cars
c) cattle
d) vegetables

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