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Q3 Review PART ONE.[print questions]

Ways to relax include
a) deep breathing
b) warm bath
c) laughing
d) all of the above

Which is NOT a category of influence we learned about in health
a) peers
b) culture
c) objects
d) media

Which statement about stress is NOT true
a) stress can be positive or negative
b) everyone experiences stress
c) being under stress is not normal
d) stress can appear very quickly

Teens may need help with mental health issues if they
a) feel trapped or worry all the timee
b) have troubles that affect their sleep
c) become involved with alcohol
d) all of the above

Adopting a positive outlook can help you manage stress by
a) helping you say no to demands on your time
b) changing the way you percieve a stressor
c) keeping you calm and relaxed
d) eliminating all your stressors

During the teen years, hormones can impact emotions by
a) making your to all emotions more positive
b) causing rapid changes from one emotion to another
c) eliminating most extreme emotions
d) making all emotions more managable

Whenever another person talks about suicide, you should
a) agree to keep it confidential
b) ask the person if she or he is serious
c) take responsibility for the situation
d) seek adult assistance right away

Which statement about anxiety is NOT true?
a) occasional anxiety is normal
b) many people experience anxiety
c) stress is a common cause of anxiety
d) anxiety is a prolonged feeling of sadness

Which of these is NOT a claim that indicates a product is most likely fraudulent?
a) miracle cure
b) overnight results
c) use only as directed
d) secret formula

Which of the following is NOT a quality of a healthy relationship?
a) caring
b) mutual respect
c) prejudice
d) commitment

Potential stressors can include:
a) people
b) objects
c) places
d) all of the above

What percentage of the US population has mental disorders?
a) 10%
b) 20%
c) 25%
d) 40%

To reduce the effects of stress, you should
a) drink plenty of water for good health
b) drink caffinated beverages for energy
c) avoid talking about your problems with others
d) stop exercising to save your strength

Which is not a type of behavioral risk behavior for teens
a) poor diet
b) lack of exercise
c) tobacco
d) terrorism

Which statement about treating depression is true?
a) The only treatment for depression is psychological therapy
b) There are no medications available for treating depression
c) Treatment may inculde making changes in the environment
d) Symptoms of depression disapear as soon as treatment begins

Good total health can best be achieved by
a) Paying attention to all three sides of the health triangle
b) Focusing most of your time on physical health
c) Spending large amounts of time talking on the phone with friends
d) Worrying only about emotions and spiritual issues

Which statement about help for mental health problems is generally true?
a) People with mental disorders eventually get better without help
b) Asking for help for a mental health problem is a sign of weakness
c) Sharing your thoughts with a mental health professional is painful and embarrassing
d) Resources are available for people who cannot afford to pay for help

Intentionally avoiding thoughts of an unpleasant emotion is an example of which defense mechanism?
a) Regression
b) Compensation
c) Suppression
d) Projection

Your ideas, attitudes, and beliefs are your
a) Goals
b) Decisions
c) Values
d) Action Plans

Emotional abuse occurs when one person in a relationship
a) Attacks the other’s emotional development and sense of worth
b) Forces the other person to use alcohol and drugs
c) Forces the other person to take part in sexual intercourse
d) Is unable to resolve conflicts without violent behavior

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