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Keep all food and drinks ________ the computer and equipment
a) near
b) away from
c) beside
d) on

You should repair the computer while it is ________
a) on
b) off
c) raining
d) snowing

Remove/insert external storage devices (CD/DVD,USB jump drives) when light is ____
a) off
b) on
c) blinking
d) glowing

When working on a document, update changes by saving every _______
a) 5 minutes
b) 5 hours
c) 10 minutes
d) 10 hours

Maintain appropriate room temperature and humidity levels.
a) True
b) False

________bang the mouse or the keyboard.
a) Never
b) Always
c) Please
d) Sometimes

The ___________computer is the name given to computers that sit on a desk.
a) laptop
b) desktop
c) handheld
d) PDA

The _________computer is a smaller computer with the keyboard, processor, monitor, and mouse all in one portable device.
a) laptop
b) desktop
c) handheld
d) PDA

A __________computer is a computer designed to fit in your hand or in your pocket.
a) laptop
b) desktop
c) handheld
d) toy

What is NOT a piece of hardware?
a) monitor
b) mouse
c) Microsoft Word
d) CPU

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