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What are the two names of the books that Moshe received from Sinai?
a) Torah Shbichtav (written)
b) Torah Shbichtav (written) and Torah Shbal Peh (oral)
c) Torah Shbal Peh
d) Torah Shbichtav (oral) and Torah Shbal Peh (written)

What is the order of how Torah was taught to the next generation?
a) Moshe, Yehoshua, Zekenim, Neviyim, Anshe Kneset Hagedolah
b) Yehoshua, Zekenim, Neviyim, Anshe Kneset Hagedolah, Moshe
c) Moshe, Zekenim, Yehosha, Neviyim, Anshe Kneset Hadedolah
d) Yehosha, Neviyim, Anshe Kneset Hadedolah, Moshe, Zekenim

Who wrote the mishna?
a) Rabbi Yehuda Hanasei and Neviyim
b) Moshe and Yehosha
c) Rabbi Yehuda Hanasei and Anshe Kneset Hagedolah
d) Anshe Kneset Hagedolah and Moshe

What is a deyai?
a) fight
b) opinion
c) story
d) disagreement

What is a machloket?
a) disagreement
b) thought
c) war
d) fear

What are the six sedarim of the Mishnah? (hint zman n\\\'kt)
a) zeraim, moed, nashim, nezikim, kedoshim, tahorot
b) moed, nashim, nezikim, kedoshim, tahorot, zeraim
c) tahorot, zeraim, moed, nashim, nezikim, kedoshim
d) zeraim, moed, nezikim, nashim, kedoshim, tahorot

This year we are learning...seder________ masechet________
a) seder tahorot, masechet brachot
b) seder nezikim, masechet brachot
c) seder zeraim, masechet shabbos
d) seder zeraim, masechet brachot

The first book of the Torah Shbichtav is?
a) Breishit
b) Shmot
c) Devarim
d) Moed

Which is not a seder in Torah Shbal Beh?
a) Zeraim
b) Breishit
c) Moed
d) Nezikim

How many sederim are in the sisha sidre mishna?
a) 10
b) 5
c) 6
d) 3

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