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Which is a main part of the cell theory?
a) cells must be very tiny
b) only cells make other cells
c) some living things don't have cells
d) different living things have different basic units.

The scientist who first described microscopic organisms in pond water.
a) Vichow
b) Schleidan
c) Hooke
d) VanLeeuwenhook

This is the simplest group of cells, it is a cell membrane around a small amount of genetic material and other parts loose in the cytoplasm
a) eukaryotes
b) prokaryotes
c) animal
d) plant

This kind of cell includes those that have a cell wall and may have chloroplasts:
a) eukaryotes
b) prokaryotes
c) plant
d) animal

The structure in all cells that is essential to maintain homeostasis by selecting what goes in or out:
a) nucleus
b) cell membrane
c) lysosome
d) mitochondria

Tiny grain-like organelle that makes proteins is the
a) nucleus
b) ribosome
c) mitochondria
d) endoplasmic reticulum

Not all plant parts have choloplasts. Which is a place you might NOT find chloroplasts?
a) roots
b) leaf
c) green stem like cactus
d) pine needle

Nerve cells that need to pump ions out of the cell have many mitochondria. What is the reason for this recih supply of mitochondria?
a) they provide tubes
b) they store ions
c) provide useful energy for the cell
d) they store food

The green pill-like organelle that produces sugar by absorbing sunlight and carbon dioxide.
a) Chloroplast
b) Mitochondria
c) nucleus
d) cell wall

Scientist who found all parts of the plant had similar cells, and found similar cells in all plants.
a) Virchow
b) Schleidan
c) Hooke
d) VanLeeuwenhook

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