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Nutritionists and dietitians are jobs found in which human services career pathways?
a) early childhood services
b) visual arts
c) counseling and mental health services
d) family and community services

Preschool teachers represent jobs in which human services career pathway?
a) counseling and mental health
b) early childhood services
c) family and community services
d) consumer services

Which factors increase the likelihood of poverty in young people?
a) lack of savings for retirement and ageism
b) dropping out of school and teen pregnancy
c) culture of poverty and institutional racism
d) worker exploitation and language barriers

Shawn is a home health aide caring for an 87-year-old named Sarah. At his weekly appointment, Sarah’s son is upset because he does not think his mother is receiving the care she needs. Which method could Shawn use to work through the situation?
a) mixed messages
b) conflict resolution skills
c) mediation skills
d) negotiation skills

Natasha's mother lost her job, which lowered their family income significantly, making Natasha eligible for free or reduced priced lunches. This is an example of which food insecurity intervention?
a) Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
b) National School Lunch Program
c) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
d) Meals on Wheels

Johnny is observed wearing a short sleeved shirt as he waits for the bus on a cold morning. A jacket for Johnny would be considered a:
a) need.
b) wish.
c) want.
d) priority.

Keeping chemicals in original containers, reading labels, and following directions are ways to prevent which safety hazard?
a) burns
b) electric shocks
c) poisonings
d) falls

When considering the difference between abuse, neglect, and reckless endangerment, which is an example of reckless endangerment?
a) failing to provide adequate nutrition for a child
b) failing to take an injured child to the doctor
c) leaving belt marks on a child
d) allowing an underage child to drink alcohol

Hollie's parents allow her to choose which chores she wants to complete for the week. Which parenting style does this scenario most likely illustrate?
a) authoritarian
b) democratic
c) permissive
d) laissez-faire

Asheville city planners have invested in restoring a downtown theater, zoning for restaurants, and sponsoring an international film festival. This community places a large value on which community component?
a) media and communication
b) parks and recreation
c) law and order
d) arts and culture

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