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Which bone is known as the shoulder blade?
a) acromion
b) clavicle
c) scapula
d) sternum

Inflammation of the bone and bone marrow is called
a) Osteitis
b) periostitis
c) myelitis
d) osteomyelitis

Which term describes an opneing in a bone through which blood vessels, nerves, and ligaments pass through?
a) Foramen
b) process
c) suture
d) meatus

What is the medical name for the bottom on the sternum
a) manubrium
b) body
c) xiphoid process
d) mediastinum

Arthritis associated with an autoimmune disorder in the body is called
a) gouty arthritis
b) rheumatoid arthritis
c) osteoarthritis
d) jointitis

Which bone is hematopoietic?
a) Red Bone Marrow
b) Yellow Bone Marrow
c) Medullary cavity
d) Spongy bone

Which describes a fx where the bone is crushed or splintered?
a) Compound fx
b) Simple fx
c) Greenstick fx
d) Comminuted fx

This is also known as the collar bone
a) Scapula
b) Calcaneus
c) Clavicle
d) Tibia

Abnormal increase in the forward (inward) curvature of the lumbar spine
a) Lordosis
b) Kyphosis
c) Scoliosis
d) spondylitis

The jaw bone is called the
a) Maxilla
b) Zygomatic Process
c) Mandible
d) Temporal

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