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Parenting - ALL.1.

Terry showed concern for his daughter when she scraped her knee. Which responsibility of the family does this illustrate?
a) Guiding
b) Legal Responsibilities
c) Nurturing
d) Protecting

In Maslow’s Hierarchy, a college student’s dorm room and meal ticket are examples of which type of human need?
a) Esteem
b) Love and Acceptance
c) Physical
d) Self-Actualization

Ed has a 4 year degree.He works with kids in school who have trouble learning.What's his career?
a) Pediatrician
b) Play Therapist
c) Teacher Assistant
d) Special Education Teacher

When should you tell a child about a divorce?
a) In private, after one parent has moved out
b) In private, before one parent has moved out
c) In front of his friends
d) In the presence of family members, before parent moves out

Fetal alcohol syndrome may result in a child when:
a) he/she has been exposed to alcohol while in the womb.
b) he/she is exposed to X-rays or other sources of radiation.
c) he/she receives a defective dominant gene from the father.
d) he/she receives defective recessive genes from both parents.

An infant received from his mother’s genes a condition called hemophilia which makes it difficult for him to stop bleeding when he is injured. Which influence on development is this?
a) Environment
b) Growth
c) Heredity
d) Self-Concept

During which stage of pregnancy does a fetus begins to suck its thumb, swallow, hiccup, and move around?
a) Conception
b) 1st Trimester
c) 2nd Trimester
d) 3rd Trimester

Which illustrates a typical two-week-old infant during the sensorimotor state?
a) Annie sleeps through everything.
b) Bennie drinks milk all the time.
c) Tom jumps frequently as loud noises startle him.
d) Randy cries because of his colic.

Emotional and social development are different because emotional development:
a) begins at birth, but social development begins a few weeks later.
b) follows a predictable pattern, but social development occurs randomly.
c) influences a person’s personality, but social development does not.
d) is influenced by the atmosphere of the home, but social development is not.

Which illustrates the gross motor skills of a typical two-year-old?
a) Paul felt the fuzzy sweater.
b) Randy jingled keys in his pocket.
c) Thomas stacked building blocks.
d) Sheila ran through the cornfield.

How did Howard Gardner and Jean Piaget differ in developing their theories?
a) Gardner had an egocentric viewpoint, while Piaget’s view was empathetic.
b) Gardner valued multiple intelligences; while Piaget valued play that imitates real life.
c) Gardner studied kinesthetic intelligence, while Piaget studied eight different intelligences.
d) Gardner studied the child as a whole person; Piaget studied just aspects of development.

How are the cognitive characteristics of a three-year-old different from a five-year-old?
a) Five-year-olds speak in complete sentences of two to three words; three-year-olds know about thirteen thousand words.
b) Three-year-olds sort shapes and colors; five-year-olds cannot.
c) Five-year-olds count up to ten and sort by size; three-year-olds sort by color and shape.
d) Three-year-olds know nine hundred words; five-year-olds do not.

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