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Fashion 5.0.

An example of the greeting approach used in the retail selling process is:
a) “Good afternoon, Ms. Edwards.”
b) “May I help you find a certain size?”
c) “We have a great selection of leather handbags.”
d) “Which sweater do you like best?”

Dan receives pay and benefits for his work accomplished. Which consideration is he receiving?
a) commission
b) compensation
c) insurance
d) sales quotas

A salesperson assists a customer with the purchase of a dress. She explains to the customer that the vertical stripes help make people look taller. This is an example of which action?
a) Actively involving the customer in the presentation
b) Allowing the salesperson to express her opinion
c) Questioning to determine customer needs
d) Translating product features into benefits

Courtesy, interest, helpfulness, and tolerance are which essential expectations of sales associates?
a) Characteristics necessary for positive customer relations
b) Free services offered by many companies as a way to encourage sales
c) Incentives to build employee relations
d) Verbal communication skills

A decided customer displays which characteristic?
a) Has a need but has not identified a product to meet that need
b) Knows exactly what he/she wants and why
c) Needs the salesperson to make recommendations
d) Wants to browse

Nordstrom department store distinguishes itself from other department stores by providing exceptional service and exceeding customer’s expectations. Nordstrom uses which type of selling?
a) High pressured
b) Communication
c) Customer-oriented
d) sales oriented

When a person provides the speaker with feedback indicating the message has been received and is understood, he/she is demonstrating:
a) active listening skills.
b) standards
c) the utility principle.
d) unethical behavior

Customers who purchase fashion items quickly are classified as which type of customer?
a) Decided
b) casual
c) undecided
d) emotional

Mike approached a customer looking at men’s dress suits and said, “These are on sale for 20% off for the next three days.” Which sales approach is Mike using?
a) combination
b) greeting
c) Merchandise
d) Opening

An example of verbal communication is:
a) facial expressions.
b) hand gestures
c) active listening
d) eye contact.

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