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Population density is the number of people who live in a region divided by the number of
a) square miles or kilometers in the region
b) roads
c) waterways
d) people who use to live there.

How do demographers figure out population growth?
a) by comparing birthrates and death rates
b) by studying the level of a water supply
c) by asking people how many children they have
d) by counting all the new building.

One serious problem caused by a growing population is
a) not enough jobs
b) a higher death rate
c) too much energy production
d) fewer medical advances

The "push-pull" theory is used by scientists to explain
a) immigration
b) how people fight
c) mountains
d) farming methods

Large numbers of people have moved from rural areas to urban areas because they want to
a) give their children more opportunities
b) learn many languages
c) live life at a slower pace
d) raise animals

Because commercial farms use modern technology, a small number of workers can
a) raise enough food for an entire country
b) feed only the farmer's family
c) turn a developed nation into an undeveloped one
d) live without goods and services.

Countries with little industry are called
a) developing nations
b) developed nations
c) industrialized nations
d) prehistoric nations

Capitalism is called a free-market economy because
a) producers compete freely for consumers' business
b) the central government owns most businesses
c) it depends on lack of trade
d) it does not rely on competition

Democracy, monarchy, and dictatorships are examples of
a) forms of government
b) kinds of families
c) economic systems
d) kinds of social classes

What does NATO stand for?
a) North Atlantic Treaty Organization
b) National American Treaty Organization
c) North American Treaty Organization
d) Not Anyone To Oppose

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