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Water sticks to the sides of a glass. This is an example of
a) adhesion
b) cohesion
c) capillary action
d) specific heat

The ability of water molecules to stick to each other is called
a) adhesion
b) specific heat
c) capillary action
d) cohesion

Water cannot dissolve wax because
a) wax is a polar molecule
b) wax has ionic bonds
c) wax has covalent bonds
d) wax is a non-polar molecule

In which phase of matter are the molecules packed close together and barely moving?
a) liquid
b) gas
c) solid
d) plasma

The property which allows plants to move water from their roots to their leaves is
a) surface tension
b) capillary action
c) specific heat
d) adhesion

Water is called the universal solvent because
a) it can cling to the fibers of paper and cloth.
b) it dissolves so many different substances
c) it exists in all three states on Earth
d) its frozen form floats on its liquid form

Tightness across the surface of water that is caused by polar molecules pulling on each other.
a) capillary action
b) condensation
c) specific heat
d) surface tension

Because water is a polar molecule
a) most of the water on earth is found at the North and South Poles.
b) water molecules tend to stick together
c) it falls as sleet or snow when the temperature is cold
d) it can be attracted using magnets

A water molecule is made up of
a) two hydrogen atoms bonded to an oxygen atom
b) two hydrogen atoms bonded together
c) two oxygen atoms bonded to one hydrogen atom
d) two oxygen atoms bonded to two hydrogen atoms

Water has so many unique properties because water is
a) an ionic bond
b) a liquid molecule
c) a polar molecule
d) a diatomic molecule

It's been 80 degrees outside for a week. Billy Bob jumps into his pool and realizes that the water is freezing. Why is the water still freezing while the air temperature is hot?
a) Water has a low specific heat.
b) Water has a high surface tension.
c) Water is the universal solvent.
d) Water has a high specific heat.

Insects can walk on top of a lake due to water's high
a) surface tension
b) specific heat
c) capillary action
d) ability to dissolve other substances

Which statement below best describes the charges on a water molecule?
a) The hydrogen end has a negative charge while the oxygen end has a positive charge.
b) Both the hydrogen and oxygen ends have negative charges.
c) The oxygen end has a negative charge while the hydrogen end has a positive charge.
d) Both the oxygen and hydrogen ends have a positive charge.

What type of bonds occur between water molecules?
a) water bonds
b) ionic bonds
c) covalent bonds
d) hydrogen bonds

When you measure how fast the molecules of a substance are moving, you are measuring
a) move slower and spread farther apart
b) move faster and get closer together
c) move faster and get farther apart
d) move slower and get closer together

When you add heat to water, the molecules begin to
a) density
b) barometric pressure
c) temperature
d) cohesion

The phase of matter in which the molecules are spread apart and moving fast.
a) liquid
b) gas
c) solid
d) plasma

The phase of matter where the molecules are spread very far apart and are moving very fast.
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) plasma

The ability of water molecules to stick to other substances.
a) cohesion
b) adhesion
c) universal solvent
d) high specific heat

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