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By comparing birthrates and death rates, demographers figure out
a) population growth
b) population density
c) where people are likely to move
d) why people migrate

Because of an increase in food supply and better medical care, the world's population recently has
a) rapidly increased
b) remained the same
c) slowly decreased
d) made educational gains

What is one effect of the rapid population growth in developing countries?
a) Resources are strained.
b) Food is being overproduced.
c) Technological resources have expanded.
d) The amount of land covered by forests has increased.

To explain the reasons for immigration, demographers use
a) the push-pull theory
b) life expectancies
c) birthrates and death rates
d) surveys.

Many people leave the country for the city because they want
a) to find jobs
b) to own land
c) to improve their health
d) to increase food production

Communism and capitalism are examples of
a) economic systems
b) political systems
c) educational methods
d) technological achievements

Subsistence farms raise enough food to
a) feed only the farmer's family
b) feed an entire country
c) export food to other countries
d) turn a developing nation into a developed one.

A government controlled by a small group of people is called a(n)
a) oligarchy
b) dictatorship
c) absolute monarchy
d) direct democracy

Three examples of forms of government are
a) monarchy, democracy, and dictatorship
b) constitutional monarchy, dictatorship, and economic
c) democracy, capitalism, and constitutional monarchy
d) monarchy, extended family, and population

How is a direct democracy and a representative democracy the same?
a) They both allow people to have a say in the decisions.
b) They both have a dictator.
c) They both are controlled by a king.
d) They both have a constitution.

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