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A country with this can have overcrowded schools and public transportation.
a) population
b) a warm climate
c) migration
d) immigrants

This is a person who moves to a new country in order to settle there.
a) immigrant
b) opportunist
c) peasant
d) emigrant

When job opportunities appear in one region and disappear in another, this may occur.
a) migration
b) farming
c) crime
d) overpopulation

In this type of country, many people are subsistence farmers.
a) developing country
b) urbanized
c) overpopulated areas
d) developed country

The town meeting in New England, where all adults residents vote is what?
a) direct democracy
b) absolute monarchy
c) oligarchy
d) dictatorship

This is the term that means the way people are spread out over an area.
a) population distribution
b) population density
c) ruralization
d) urbanization

This is the term for the average number of people who live in a square mile of land.
a) population density
b) population distribution
c) ruralization
d) urbanization

This is the term for the movement of people to cities and the growth of cities.
a) urbanization
b) population density
c) ruralization
d) push-pull theory

This is the term for people who buy and use products.
a) consumers
b) producers
c) managers
d) clerks

This is a term for the form of government in which people participate directly in decision making.
a) direct democracy
b) dictatorship
c) oligarchy
d) absolute monarchy

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