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1,632 is in
a) word form
b) expanded form
c) standard form
d) numerical form

The expanded form of 6,459 is
a) 6,000+400+50+9
b) 6,000+450+9
c) 6,000+400+59
d) 6,000+400+90+5

Three thousand, six hundred forty three in stadard form is
a) 3463
b) 3643
c) 3436
d) 3346

37,428 which statement is true?
a) 7 is in the hundreds place
b) 2 is in the hundreds place
c) 3 is in the ten thousands place
d) 2 is in the tenths place

49,627 the digit 9 is in the
a) hundreds place
b) thousands place
c) tens place
d) ten thousands place

35,804 the value of the 3 is
a) 30,000
b) 3,000
c) 3 thousands
d) 30 ten thousands

Which number has a 4 with the value of 4,000
a) 47,953
b) 34,589
c) 98,045
d) 21,497

40,500 50,600 60,700 what would be next in the pattern?
a) 60,800
b) 61,800
c) 70,700
d) 70,800

38,195 37,190 36,185 what would come next in the pattern?
a) 36,180
b) 35,180
c) 35,170
d) 35,185

10,000 more than 75,000 is
a) 85,000
b) 75,100
c) 76,000
d) 80,000

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