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Which of the following events happened first?
a) The Sugihara family was sent to prison for many months.
b) A crowd spent the night outside the Sugihara family's house.
c) Mr. Sugihara asked the Japanese government if he could issue visas.
d) The crowd chose who would go inside to talk to Mr. Sugihara.

In this selection, the author's main purpose is to
a) tell readers about Japan's part in the war
b) inform readers about a man's life
c) persuade readers to learn about history
d) entertain readers with a made-up story

What is the main idea of the story?
a) A family learned about another culture.
b) People got help because the worked together.
c) A brave man made a difference.
d) A young boy and his family were imprisoned.

What happened before the people gathered in front of the house?
a) The children in the family played at a large park.
b) The narrator peeked through the curtains.
c) Mr. Sugihara contacted the Japanese government.
d) Mr. Sugihara wrote a number of visas.

What happened after Mr. Sugihara died?
a) His family was imprisoned for many months.
b) He was given the "Righteous Among Nations" Award.
c) A monument was dedicated to him in Japan.
d) His family received copies of the visas he had written.

How were the Japanese children different from the Jewish children?
a) They had many toys.
b) They needed to leave Lithuania.
c) They played in the large park.
d) They spoke several languages.

Why are diplomats allowed to write travelers' visas?
a) They have excellent handwriting.
b) They represent their government.
c) They know many languages.
d) They know how to print visas.

Why was Mr. Sugihara asked to resign from diplomatic service?
a) He disobeyed orders.
b) He had been a prisoner.
c) He no longer had the energy for the job.
d) He was given a new government job.

What is the story mostly about?
a) why Japan refused to offer help
b) one person helping many
c) the importance of family
d) the role of Germany in the war

Which sentence states a valid generalization?
a) Some of the Jewish people decided to stay in Lithuania.
b) There were few people who helped the Jews.
c) Lithuania was a safe place for Jews.
d) People who helped the Jews put themselves in danger.

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