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Compare the ORID method with the PDSA cycle. What comparable stages would concentrate on deciding what materials should be included in an upcoming lesson?
a) a. Plan, Objective
b) b. Do, Reflective
c) c. Study, Interpretive
d) d. Act, Decisional

Comparing the ORID method with the PDSA cycle. Which levels are the least comparable?
a) a. Plan, Objective
b) b. Do, Reflective
c) c. Study, Interpretive
d) d. Act, Decisional

Mr. Lloyd collaborates with Mrs. Garcia, who is proficient in instructional gamification. What action below would show the D stage of the ORID model?
a) Mr. Lloyd leaves the meeting feeling great for Mrs. Garcia’s students and thinks he should try a game, but is apprehensive
b) Mr. Lloyd studies pre-lesson assessment data and determines the best questions to use for creating a post-lesson educat
c) Mr. Lloyd returns to his room, researches online, subject-relevant learning game, includes one in the next lesson
d) Mr. Lloyd creates a new lesson plan, adding notes on the best methods for incorporating learning games into the new lesson

What stage of the PDSA instructional improvement cycle focuses on examining data and results?
a) a. Plan
b) b. Do
c) c. Study
d) d. Act

Mrs. Garcia loved hearing students cheer during the learning game assessment. She thinks about the excitement students felt and their level of engagement, as she prepares to teach the same lesson tomorrow. This ORID stage is:
a) a. Objective
b) b. Reflective
c) c. Interpretive
d) d. Decision

Rank the following from least (1) to greatest (4) impact on lesson plan effectiveness: 1. materials, 2. time of day, 3. class management, 4. student engagement.
a) a. 1, 2, 3, 4
b) b. 2, 3, 1, 4
c) c. 4, 2, 1, 3
d) d. 4, 3, 1, 2

What are the four official steps of the ORID model?
a) a. Objectives, Planning, Developing, Constructions
b) b. Objectives, Reflections, Interpreting, Decisions
c) c. Obstructions, e-Radication, Inferences, Declarations
d) d. What, Gut, So What, Now What?

The ORID model is most closely connected to action research than other revision models, since the ORID model:
a) a. has been honored as the most effective strategy in the eyes of many instructors
b) b. allows instructors to revise classroom pedagogy without the need to publish an article
c) c. allows instructors to make personal connections to the improvement process in their own environment
d) d. provides a framework for open forum discussion with students to determine the least effective assessment strategies

Minimally, what sections should be included in a lesson plan?
a) a. summative assessments, formative assessments, course standards
b) b. objectives, materials, instructional activities, assessments
c) c. reflections, notes, instructional activities, assessments
d) d. course objectives, textbook pages, materials, assessments

Which of the following would be considered a student-centered instructional activity?
a) students read text aloud one by one, then answer questions individually
b) the teacher reads the entire text to the class, then lectures on the key points
c) direct students to read silently, then the teacher randomly calls on students to respond to questions
d) choral reading: teacher reads a short section, students in unison read the next section, alternate, then students discuss

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